Mindset can affect a woman's workout goals, experts say


"You have to focus on what it is that makes you happy and do your best and try not to compare yourself to other people because that will distract you to what it is that you're really looking to do," said Lacey Stone, who runs her Booty Camp at Pan Pacific Recreation Center.

Stone offers a team spirit that beyond exercise offers elements that help students succeed.

"In the beginning we do this fitness test so you get these numbers that you start with, and at the end on the last day you do another fitness test to see how much you improve," said participant Josie Kraus of Beverly Hills.

Improvement is an important part of Stone's teachings.

"It's all about improving those categories of fitness," she said.

Experts say men tend to grasp the team concept, sticking with a program, while women often lack confidence and appear more fragile. Co-author of "Athletic Mindset," world-class athlete Randy Friedman says to start small.

"How can I, just a little bit at a time, make an adjustment and what is that adjustment?" Friedman explained.

According to experts just thinking about what you want isn't enough -- a goal is not a goal until you write it down. So put it down on paper and put it everywhere.

"There's power in words. Especially in writing down, not even on the computer. Physically I give them a journal to keep track of their food and their feelings," said Stone.

Stone says to think about each day -- no matter what we are doing -- as a win for ourselves, not anyone else.

"Comparison kills. Comparison kills -- that is my key slogan," she said.

Instead, try to buddy up.

"For women, it's really important that we encourage each other and we get that encouragement back," said Friedman.

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