Horses, burros up for adoption in Redlands


"We have to take a few animals off each year, so we create an ecological balance on the range," said volunteer Art DiGrazia.

But the trouble is, it's getting harder and harder to adopt the animals out. Janet O'Connor, who has adopted three horses of her own, says the reason is simple.

"People have to pay their mortgage and feed their kids before they can adopt and feed an animal," she said.

For those who are interested, there are seven mustangs, two burros and a mule available for adoption Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Sundance Ranch in Redlands. The adoption fee is $125.

"It's first come first serve, you pick your animal out, if you have an approval application we'll put a halter on it, we'll load it in your trailer, and you're on your way home," said DiGrazia.

Then, after a year, if everything goes well, you can apply for ownership of the animal. But it's not easy.

"There's two things that you must have to participate in this program, and that's time and patience, because that's what these animals need," said DiGrazia.

O'Connor emphasizes that these animals aren't your ordinary house pet.

"This is not a dog, this is not a broke horse that you're going and purchasing that you ride it and 'Oh, this is great.' This is something that is a project that you start from the ground up, and you will have the finished product, and it'll be something that you can be proud of," she said.

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