Indo Row exercise program mimics feel of rowing on water


"You're getting everything from the skills and drills of learning how to row, to the fun competitive racing at the end where people are going for the gold and cheering for their teammates," said Josh Crosby, co-creator of Indo Row. Crosby is a former U.S. National Rowing Team member.

Indo Row is an indoor rowing program with an unusual rowing machine that utilizes a water wheel.

"It's 17 liters of water and it's really up to you how hard you push and pull that will create the resistance," said Crosby.

Crosby wanted the experience to mimic the sound and feel of being on real water, which appeals to many.

Breakthru Fitness gym owner Michelle Dozois uses it as a tool to draw members.

"It's another opportunity for people who have never tried exercise to get into the gym and try something new," said Dozois.

She also likes the advantages in working the upper body.

"We're sitting all day long and we're moving forward," said Dozois. "With the rowing we're actually working against all those issues we're creating all day long. So we are seeing that people are getting better strength, better posture, better endurance."

According to experts the stroke makes up 84 percent of your body's muscle mass, one of the highest utilized in any sport. It's also non-impact.

"You get the resistance from the very beginning of the stroke to the end of the stroke, and it's displaced over nine major muscle groups," said Crosby.

Legs, core, back and arms, to name a few muscle groups, with most energy expenditure coming from lower extremities.

"Rowing is 60 percent legs, 20 percent core, 20 percent arms," said Crosby.

Class starts with basic skills but ends with a challenge component where the class forms teams to row for gold, creating a competitive effort.

"I really appreciated the fact that it's a low-impact workout," said Pasadena resident Dee Getty. "Very different from what we've done traditionally."

Beyond Breakthru Fitness, Indo Row is offered at Equinox and at a total of 100 locations globally.

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