Matthew Fox plays twisted villain in 'Alex Cross'


"For this to be the first film that's coming out after the "Lost" experience, I'm pretty excited about that juxtaposition," said Fox. "I don't look for that kind of thing, but when it came along and I was immediately drawn to the challenges that it was going to provide, I just felt like, 'I have to do this.'"

Even if it meant getting "lost" inside a very disturbed character. Fox underwent a startling physical transformation, which included losing more than 30 pounds to help create the character of the psychopath assassin, Picasso.

"He was beyond incredible. And in the scenes with him, it was like watching a caged animal in his eyes," said actor Tyler Perry.

Actor Ed Burns said Fox had to go to a "pretty dark place" to portray his character.

"He asked to sort of just like, after the takes, have his own private space to just kind of, you know, chill out and stay in the darkness," said Burns.

Fox said that when he wasn't on set, he tried to rest and get away from it as much as he could.

"But I always felt that I had to go back to a place that required me to hold on to a certain thing. So there wasn't a lot of relief from it until the very end, and then it felt like a huge relief to let it all go," said Fox.

So now that he's painted this "Picasso," Fox is looking forward to adding more colorful characters to his resume.

"It won't matter whether it's a good guy, a bad guy or somewhere in between, you know? It'll just be the story that I want to be a part of," said Fox.

Fox starts scaring audiences in "Alex Cross" on Friday.

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