Neighbor mistakenly trespasses on Tom Cruise's Beverly Hills property


The suspect managed to make it inside Tom Cruise's spacious compound in Beverly Hills. There is extensive security there, including five visible cameras at the front gate.

It happened about 9:30 p.m. Sunday. Police got the call from security officers at the home who had allegedly witnessed a man climbing a fence to get onto the property.

The guards stopped him and then used a Taser. His injuries were extensive enough that he had to be hospitalized for treatment.

The intruder was identified as 41-year-old Jason Sullivan of Beverly Hills. Sullivan told police it was a mistake. He lives in a nearby property on the same street at a home about 200 feet away on Calle Vista Drive. He told police he was intoxicated at the time and entered the wrong property.

Eyewitness News tried talking to Sullivan Monday but people who answered at his home said he was not available.

Neither Cruise nor any members of his family were at the home when the incident happened.

Tom Cruise's attorney, Bert Fields, issued a statement: "Tom is in England working on two films. Fortunately, none of his children were at the house. We have every confidence in the Beverly Hills Police, who have all the information."

Sullivan was arrested and booked, but police now say it is likely he won't face any charges since this does appear to be a mistake.

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