'Lincoln' stars talk importance of film at premiere


"I would hope that people in this country will allow themselves to re-imagine that man's life and the significance it had in the history of this country," said Day-Lewis.

Director Steven Spielberg felt his cast appreciated the task at hand.

"I was back in time. I think we all were," said Spielberg. "And I think everybody -- the actors certainly -- the bar was really high. They wanted to...they wanted to do good by Abraham Lincoln."

They were also pretty excited about working with Spielberg on such an important production.

"I think I cried actually -- there's an admission," said David Oyelowo. "It's the call you want to get."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt acknowledged a certain happiness that came with being at the premiere.

"There's a kind of profound joy to be here that doesn't happen at every movie premiere," he said.

Actress Sally Field said the film is not one to deprive yourself of.

"It's like starving people coming to a table having the most nourishing meal you will ever, ever, ever have and knowing full well you will never have it again, but appreciating every single mouthful," she said.

Day-Lewis says he is just grateful for having been part of "Lincoln."

"It will remain one of the great privileges of my life that I was invited to do that," he said.

"Lincoln" opens in limited release Friday.

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