Controversial Huntington Beach coyote control plan suggested


The plan recommends hiring a licensed professional to trap and kill the coyotes. Dwyer says there have been more than 200 coyote sightings and 26 pets killed in the last several months.

The plan, which aims to trap and kill up to 10 coyotes at a cost of $4,000, has proved to be divisive among residents.

"I'm not looking to kill all the coyotes," Dwyer said. "I'm just looking to thin the herd a little bit, get rid of the aggressive ones."

In a statement, the Humane Society of the United States says, "trapping problem coyotes does not address the root causes of coyote conflicts and thus conflicts will continue. The best way to prevent attacks on pets is to educate residents about the importance of keeping cats inside, keeping dogs on leashes, and attending pets when outside."

Another potential measure is an ordinance to outlaw the feeding of coyotes and other non-domestic animals in residential neighborhoods. The Humane Society supports this proposal.

Huntington Beach resident Bob Deaton said a coyote killed his cat more than a year ago.

"I'm carrying a stick and a pocketful of rocks when I walk the dog," he said. "I've seen coyotes like four times in a month."

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