Cool Kid shares unique vision through photography


Paul Messana's photographs have appeared online on his high school's website and have even made it to the pages of his local newspapers in South Pasadena.

"I've seen the city grow and I've seen all these things happen. And so I've become so attached to the city that being able to capture the city and all of its worth is really important," said Paul.

Those pictures caught the attention of South Pasadena officials as they were planning a major upgrade to the city's website. Paul's work has a unique quality they wanted.

"When he shoots it, he sees it just a little differently, so it's beautiful and it captures you," said Joan Aguado, South Pasadena film liaison. "It doesn't look like something you've seen before. That's what makes it so extraordinary."

When this Cool Kid takes a picture, he wants it to do more than just show a pretty location.

"To leave an impact on the city and the yearbook and the school," said Paul. "By taking a photograph -- it's very cliché -- but you're leaving a memory."

In the future, Paul is considering using his creative eye in another way.

"Art-directing of movies, and kind of use my artistic sensibility and my perspective through photography to help me to show movies, to direct movies," said Paul.

Paul Messana's photography is his way of sharing the community he loves with others. And with every shot, he shares more and more.

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