Impatience can damage your heart - doctor


"We see increased levels of stress in patients these days compared to what we had a decade ago," said electrophysiologist Dr. Shephal Doshi.

He says being impatient triggers chemical responses that take a toll on your heart.

"As anxiety increases, we start seeing an increase in certain forms of heart disease, we start seeing plaque buildup, and sometimes instability in the arteries of the heart, which can cause heart attacks in people who are heavily stressed," Doshi said.

Doctors say people who are frequently angry or impatient are in a constant state of stress, and the body reacts to that by releasing hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

"The stress levels and the adrenaline levels can cause electrical short circuits, or arrhythmias in the heart," Doshi said.

Incidents of heart attacks and strokes rise during the holiday season.

Doshi says deep breathing, relaxing and other forms of stress management truly can save lives.

"Realize that in the big picture, their health is typically more important that the short period that they became stressed.

Experts say if you find yourself feeling frustrated in a particular situation, take a deep breath. Ask yourself how important it is, and if it's really worth getting worked up over. Taking that tiny step back can help diffuse things.

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