Cool Kid's passion to save four-legged friends


Lou Wegner is a young actor who has a soft spot for dogs, cats and other creatures.

"Whenever I see animals, like in Hurricane Sandy, I feel so bad and I want to be able to help as much as I can," says Lou.

Lou founded the organization Kids Against Animal Cruelty. One goal is to reduce the kill rate in shelters. But there is so much more he wants people to learn about how they can help.

"Teaching people about shelter adoption and being pet-responsible," says Lou. "A pet is for life is one of the big things we promote. It's not something you get until it doesn't get cute anymore, and then you give up."

Lou says 2- to 4-million animals are put down each year. His goal is to make that daunting number non-existent one day. He finds his inspiration in the work he does and the results his group gets.

"It's that one animal that you save every day or every other day that keeps you going," says Lou. "At least you know you're saving someone, you're saving a life."

Working with the Best Friends Animal Society and Pup My Ride, Lou is now able to save more and more animals. But he sees how younger people are the future of the organization.

"It's a great program for kids to get involved, because it is all about the next generation," says Lou. "Once my generation gets older, it's about the next generation after that's coming in."

Cool Kid Lou Wegner is hoping for a future in the world of entertainment. But he is already ensuring a future for our four-legged friends now.

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