West Hills mom decks house with 105 Christmas trees


The home of Alison Siewart is inundated with 105 trees. And yes, even the bathroom is not spared.

Siewert took up the hobby about 13 years ago after she got a large amount of ornaments from her baby's first Christmas.

The collection grew from there. And as you might imagine, storage is a challenge for this Christmas tree enthusiast.

"We put them everywhere," she said. "Underneath beds, I stole my kids' playhouse. Last year we got so many trees that I took their storage space. But I'm out of room, so I don't know what I'm going to do this year. I need a shed, bad."

Her husband and two of her three children aren't always fond of the collection, but they are at least willing to accommodate.

"There's a lot of them, they kind of take up everywhere, but I have my one tree in my room, so we're good," said Siewart's daughter.

But Siewart can at least count on Jack, her only tree-loving child, to carry on her tradition.

"Jack wants them when I die," Siewart said with a laugh. "He's the only one. He'll take them."

"They're awesome, I like them," Jack said.

Luckily, Santa wasn't confused about which tree to put the presents under this year -- he tactfully placed them by the fireplace.

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