Local man celebrates 100th birthday at the gym


"I admire every one of them up here," he said.

He's come a long way since having surgery for a racing heart. He and his friends hit the bike and treadmill two to three times a week. It's part of his longevity secret.

"I'm strong because I worked out in the open air," he said.

Ralston's doctors admire his tenacity.

"He really sticks to it. He's very avid about his diet and his exercise," said Dr. Santo Polito.

He favors fruits and veggies and limits his red meat. For someone who lived through the Great Depression, he says he has a lot to smile about.

Ralston had some incentive. The staff Glendale Memorial's Cardiac Fitness Center tell all their patients if they work out there until they are 100, they'll throw them a party.

Ralston lives by the three fundamental laws. No. 1: compromise and common sense. No. 2: logical thought.

"The third law is to avoid work," Ralston said with a laugh.

He's kidding, he's worked hard all his life, but true to form, Ralston's sense of humor is still going strong.

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