Chris Dorner ex-girlfriend speaks out, describes him as 'paranoid'


Williams filed a restraining order against him following their break up.

"For somebody like Chris, he was the type of person that without him having a badge, without him having that job, title of police officer, I really don't think he would exist without it," Williams said.

Williams dated him five years ago but says Dorner was unraveling even back then. The proud cop and Navy reservist was always on the watch for a possible attack.

"He would leave firearms all over my house," Williams said. "There'd be one, he'd be in the bed and there'd be one by the bed. There'd be one on the kitchen counter. There may be a combat knife or something, maybe I saw, in the bathroom one day or in the kitchen. He said, 'You know, you're always on duty when you're a cop. You don't ever know who is watching you or following you."

She described Dorner as deeply suspicious, which became even more acute after she read his manifesto.

In the multi-page manifesto, the suspect blamed co-workers for his firing from the LAPD and implicated his termination also dashed his dreams of having a family. Dorner claimed his firing estranged him from his mother. The suspect also accused his second grade classmates of starting fights with him.

Court records reveal more troubles for Dorner, who married in April 2007 and filed for divorce in May, exactly one month later.

Documents show the suspect filed restraining orders against at least two women. One restraining order was unsuccessfully filed against Williams after she posted his name with a warning to other ladies on a website called

"Stay the hell away from him," Williams said in her message to other women on the website, which features anonymously submitted relationship stories.

Williams says Dorner fabricated stories, and that's the reason why the judge involved in his disciplinary hearings dismissed him from the department. He saw right through his stories, Williams said.

"He did not like that," Williams said. "He sort of got mouthy with the judge and the judge was like, 'You're not going to come in here and tell me how to run my courtroom even though you're a cop. You think I'm going to automatically take your side.'"

Dorner's clashes with authority have only accelerated. Williams fears for her life, uncertain whether she's on his hit list.

"I'm kind of looking behind me," Williams said. "I had the phone on 911 when I opened my door of the apartment, I mean, just, you know, things you would do if you felt like you didn't know where somebody was and you didn't end on good terms with him. Why wouldn't he come after anyone at this point?"

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