'Wreck-It Ralph' gets Oscar nom for director's first feature-length film


Rich Moore directed the team of talented artists on the film. He came from the television world, including work on "The Simpsons." And now he's hanging out with Oscar.

"Wreck-It Ralph" has already been accepted as one of the favorites this awards season. It's won a Critics' Choice award, a Producers Guild award and an Annie Award for best animated film.

The film has also earned an Oscar nomination, something director Rich Moore still can't quite wrap his head around. "Wreck-It Ralph" is his first feature-length film.

"There is something about the Oscars that, to hear my name and my film included in the list of nominees, there is something very surreal and very grand about that," said Moore.

"I have been like everyone watching the Oscars ever since I was a little kid. And I have been watching Disney movies ever since I was a child, it was a Disney movie, 'The Jungle Book,' that inspired me as a 5-year-old to really want to enter into that world of animation," said Moore.

"To be taking this film that I made here at Disney that I am adding to that great legacy of films that inspired me so much, and to be taking this film to the Academy Awards, it's awe-inspiring," said Moore.

And as much as Moore is appreciating the accolades, it all comes back to one thing: the work.

"To me, the film is the thing," said Moore. "The awards are great, the awards are fun, and they are like the icing on the cake, but to me it's the moments that we spent here in this studio working together as a crew, as a team, making the best movie we possibly could," said Moore.

"Wreck-It Ralph" became available Tuesday on digital HD so you can buy and download the film now. It will be released on Blu-ray on March 5.

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