Zach Braff: 'Oz The Great and Powerful' animation awed him


Braff is both the voice of Frank and a circus assistant named Finley. Both characters are connected to James Franco's character, a con man circus magician who may become a wonderful wizard.

Braff says when he first laid his eyes on "Oz" and all the magic, he was in awe.

"It was beyond anything I could have imagined," he said. "For a while, it would look like a pixilated video game...then it wasn't until the premiere where I saw it in full 3D with the photo reel finish and I was drop-jawed."

He was further impressed by the life-like translations of himself as an animated character.

"They had these video cameras on my face as I was acting to capture the performance. Just really amazing animators that just to the detail, people were saying they could see it in the eyes. And to have him still be a monkey but still see a piece of me is a testament to them," he said.

Braff, who wrote and directed the 2004 film, "Garden State," was like a kid in a candy store on this set, watching the production come to life.

"All of a sudden, I get like 'Oz' transplanted in to this set where I am sitting next to Sam Raimi and watching him direct this spectacle," he said. "I was hanging on set when I wasn't even in the scenes. I just wanted to watch him do his thing."

Braff has plans to direct and star in a new movie. He's hoping to get it into production this summer. The title is "Wish I Was Here." He is calling it a melancomedy.

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