'Body of Proof' stars discuss gory details


The show's stars, Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan, are more than just intrigued.

"I did four autopsies in real life, they actually let me perform the last one, which was great, so I am not grossed out by stuff like that," Delaney said.

Ryan also said there's been blood on her hands.

"One of my favorite things that I got to do was dissect lungs," she said. "They were real pig lungs."

Delaney event went as far as to describe it as "fun."

"I think about it like Halloween, when you put your hand in spaghetti, that's what it feels like to me," she said.

Delaney said watching real autopsies and seeing inside the body has made her want to live a healthier life.

As for Ryan: "I want more blood, more guts, I want to touch everything. I love it," she said.

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