'Temptation' director Tyler Perry talks new, dramatic film


The topic of infidelity is front and center in this film. Perry is very upfront about the message he hopes the film conveys.

"What happens if I cheat? That's the takeaway," Perry said. "I want to raise that question, provoke thought that if open dialogue between couples, no matter which couple it is, it opened the dialogue to saying, 'If I go down this road and give in to this temptation what will this do to my future?'"

Jurnee Smollett Bell stars as a young married woman who flirts with temptation.

"I think it's still tabooed to talk about. Fidelity and commitment and relationships, you know we all struggle with it, we all have friends who struggle with it, and yet...the divorce rate is still very high," Bell said. "There are key things that this film touches upon, one thing like not taking your spouse for granted and not being too comfortable that you forget somebody's birthday two years in a row, I mean that happens."

But Perry emphasizes the film was not meant to be a lecture.

"It's not about preaching. I think it's a very entertaining, wonderful film, that takes you on the journey and it's going to be whatever people take away with it," he said. "I am telling you, whatever your experience is in life, you will find something to take away from it, and if that seems like it's preaching to you then pass the plate."

The film also features Kim Kardashian in a supporting role. Perry says he's more than happy to give people their shot at something new.

"I am the king of the underdog," he said. "I love the underdog because I am one myself, so anybody that comes in and they are having a hard way to go, come on let's try to make this thing happen, you know happen together."

"Temptation" also stars Brandy Norwood and Vanessa Williams. It's rated PG-13.

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