'Evil Dead' review: Bloody mess full of gore


"Evil Dead" is a re-make of the 1981 cult classic.

The horror movie begins as friends gather in a cabin in the woods, your first clue things are going to go wrong. They're trying to help a young woman, played by "Suburgatory's" Jane Levy, go through detox.

But when someone opens a creepy book that says "leave this book alone," a day of detox turns into a night of demons and no one is safe.

There is no way I can show you the gross and bloody, nasty and seat-clenching moments in "Evil Dead." Tens of thousands of gallons of fake blood were needed to make this gory movie, if that tells you anything.

You definitely see limbs get chopped off among tons of slice and dice. And there is a moment in the movie I found so disgusting, it makes the Linda Blair pea soup scene in "The Exorcist" seem pretty by comparison.

"Evil Dead" will likely scare you and almost certainly gross you out. The language is foul. The odor of some of what you see must be even worse if you think about it. But this is what today's horror audiences flock to see, movies with good kills that get them cheering.

"Evil Dead" will do that. And you will likely laugh too, if you can manage to keep your eyes open.

There are definitely nods to the original movie but the horror genre has really changed over the years so if you go see this, you need to know it is gruesomely graphic.

I love a good scary movie but this one may be too disgusting for some people to handle. If this is a date night kind of thing, I'd suggest eating before the movie because you might not have an appetite afterwards.

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