Animal research protest held at UCLA campus


The demonstration was an annual event marking "World Week for Animals in Laboratories."

"Statistically, there's never ever been any validation of the fact that working on animals actually impacts positively on human beings," said activist Richard McLellan.

McLellan, a retired emergency room doctor, was among the protesters who claim the public needs to know that the animal research conducted at UCLA and other laboratories isn't necessary for human health. They said it amounts to torture.

"A lot of this research is done in secrecy. It's funded by taxpayers' money and I would hope people would be curious enough to find out for themselves, educate themselves and find out what's actually going on," said activist Julia Orr.

UCLA responded with a statement saying, "There is overwhelming agreement among physicians and scientists worldwide that laboratory animals provide irreplaceable and invaluable models for human systems. Research involving laboratory animals at UCLA is heavily monitored and subject to stringent and multiple federal laws and university regulations."

The statement went on to say that ending all animal research would diminish hope for millions of people with AIDS, cancer, heart disease and other ailments.

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