California provides resources to help fight Springs Fire


Fire officials say with much of the fire burning out of Camarillo and on land the state is responsible for protecting in the event of a wildfire, the state has taken on the financial responsibility to fight it.

State fire officials say even though three years ago their seasonal fire fighting staff was cut by 700 firefighters, they still have the resources to tackle any major fire. They say the state has set aside nearly a quarter-billion dollars in an emergency fund to fight large fires like this one.

"This really highlights the master mutual-aid system in California, essentially fire agencies helping each other in times like this," said Nick Schuler of Cal Fire.

Cal Fire says with the National Weather Service recently predicting a dangerous season for fires due to a lot of hot, dry weather, state fire officials started mobilizing resources early last month.

"Based on that, we increased our firefighting staffing throughout California for an event just like this. That's why we were able to respond so quickly with the surge protection of resources and still maintain our coverage back in the counties they came from," Schuler said.

Officials say fire resources are continuing to pour in to help contain the Springs Fire, which was 20 percent contained Friday night.

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