Fiancee of slain carjacking victim in grief


"He was the most kind, compassionate person," said the fiancée, Ivy Huang. "He always put others before himself."

Last Thursday, 33-year-old Obette Reyes Lacap was gunned down in a Yucca Valley parking lot while making his rounds at medical offices in the area as a pharmaceutical representative for the drug company Pfizer.

"Of all the towns, all the cities he could have worked that day, and of the all doctor's offices parking lot he could have been at, it just happen to be that one," Huang said.

Investigators said Lacap was the victim of an attempted carjacking, but Huang says she doesn't believe accounts that Lacap tried to flee instead of giving up his company car. Huang said she believes he most likely didn't understand what was happening.

"It just doesn't make any sense because in that situation, I'm sure it's so quick and so fast. Who really comprehends when someone knocks on your window that they're trying to take your car?" she said.

The couple had recently gotten engaged after a five-year courtship. Last week, Huang said the two had picked and put a deposit on a location for their wedding scheduled for April of next year.

"On Saturday, I was supposed to be dress shopping with my mother and my sister to get my wedding dress, instead I'm at the mortuary planning his funeral," she said. "It's so hard for me to grasp the concept that he's gone."

The two men allegedly responsible didn't get way. After leading authorities on a high-speed pursuit, they crashed their car in a parking lot in San Bernardino. One suspect was killed and the other wounded during a gun battle with law enforcement.

Huang said she not angry despite the future she's lost with Lacap.

"I haven't even really given them any thought because I feel they're not even worth my anger," she said.

Instead, there is tremendous grief and shock for Huang and Lacap's families as they try to come to terms with the senseless way in which his life was taken.

"You just never really think it can happen to you," Huang said.

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