Los Angeles mayoral race: Wendy Greuel, Eric Garcetti talk $15 minimum wage flier


Inside a Watts church, a multi-faith coalition known as L.A. Voice asked the candidates to support their agenda. Both candidates agreed on issues such as immigration reform, prison rehabilitation and gang prevention.

"Los Angeles is our house. We all have to treat it like our house," said Garcetti.

Multiple polls, including our own, show this race basically in a dead heat. The big disagreement of the day is over a flier that says to vote for Greuel so she can raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. It doesn't mention the nuance that Greuel only wants to extend that raise to hotel workers.

"A week before the election, it is the most base politics to set people's hopes up that way," said Garcetti.

Greuel said she hasn't seen the flier.

"What has been talked about is hotel workers, so I think that that is what they've been talking about. But this is an independent thing," she said.

Also independent is a YouTube ad from the United Here Local 11 union.

It quotes hotel workers supporting Greuel because of her support for a wage increase. The same group was apparently playing music from loudspeakers in Spanish throughout several communities.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the translated lyrics are: "If you want to earn $15 an hour, you have to march for la Wendy. If the blond comes to your door, open the door and let her in. Wendy, la Wendy we're gonna vote. $15 an hour we'll make. Wendy, la Wendy, we're gonna dance. Eric Garcetti start crying."

"I wasn't there, I don't know. I'm going around controlling what I have control over, which is talking about jobs and education," said Greuel.

Election Day is May 21.

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