'Scandal' stars busy this summer with different projects


"Really what I'm going to do for a lot of the summer is devote my time to the White House," said Kerry Washington. "I'm on the president's Committee for the Arts and the Humanities and I work with a school in Washington called Savoy Elementary."

The theme of Kerry Washington's summer is "arts advocacy." Many of her co-stars will be performing in different genres of the arts.

Katie Lowes is heading back to the stage.

"It's called 'I am a Theatre Company.' I started it with my friends seven years ago. It's here in L.A. and we have a one-act festival, so I'm going to get back to my roots with my friends from college and we're going to make some theatre," said Lowes.

Darby Stanchfield will be doing a radio play for NPR.

"It's a short little project, but I come from theatre and so I'm really excited to sort of dabble in it again," said Stanchfield.

And summer won't be over 'til the first lady sings.

"This summer, what I'm going to do is make an album. It allowed me to sing again. I did Broadway forever and just sang the national anthem at Dodger Stadium and have started singing a little bit again," said Bellamy Young.

Her TV husband, Tony Goldwyn, is shooting the futuristic film, "Divergent," with Kate Winslet and Shailene Woodley. Scott Foley is also taking on a movie challenge.

"I've written and I'm directing a movie, so I'll spend most of the summer doing that," said Foley. "We're shooting on a shoestring budget in 12 days and we'll see what happens. It's a dark comedy about a group of friends who decide to take a problem into their own hands."

The stars of "Scandal" are social media savvy, so if you want to know what your favorites are doing, just tweet away.

"This is a cast of people that they tweet. They live-tweet the reruns. I couldn't have made anybody do that. That's amazing. That's them," said "Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes.

Rhimes likes to keep a lid on the show's surprises, but she is revealing one casting idea for next season.

"Come and join us! We would love to have you. It would be amazing. It would lend some real authenticity and we would adore it," she said to me.

I'm thinking there should be a big celebrity scandal next season that my character covers -- weekly! The "Scandal" stars have inspired me to better tackle Twitter. You can follow me @abc7george.

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