Bear cub breaks into a kitchen in Duarte

DUARTE, Calif.

The bear scare happened on the 70 block of Crestview Court near Starcrest Drive Wednesday afternoon. The woman, who wanted to be identified only as "Mersina," told the 911 dispatcher that she was cooking in her kitchen when she heard rustling by the window screen. She initially thought it was a family member, but found a bear instead.

Luckily, no one was hurt. Mersina was not home alone at the time - her father was there with her. Authorities say the bear appeared to have crawled through the kitchen window to sneak into the house.

This was her second encounter with this bear. Mersina told Eyewitness News that the 1-year-old cub was in her pool on Monday cooling off. This time, he was after some freshly baked Greek sweet bread Marsina was backing in her kitchen.

The cub did not have to be tranquilized. When law enforcement officials arrived on scene and made some noise in the house, the bear left the house on its own and scurried back into the woods.

The Duarte bear wasn't the only one making the news Wednesday. Another bear was spotted in the Sun Valley area, rummaging through neighborhood trash cans for food. It didn't break into a home, but it did spark concern among residents. That bear was tranquilized by wildlife officials and was set free in the Angeles National Forest.

Back in March, a bear found its way inside a Monrovia home, entering through a doggie door.

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