North High School principal, parents make push for safe crosswalk


Twice a day, the stretch of road in Riverside becomes a jumble of students and parents.

"Students walk out all the time without looking for traffic. I've noticed that a lot everywhere, they'll just blindly walk across the street like they have every right," said parent Shona Hamilton.

Despite two signals where students can legal cross, some say it's inconvenient to walk the 400 feet.

Student John Hamilton says he has had a couple of close calls.

"But they're usually my fault. I get a bit impatient trying to cross the road," he said.

For parents, it's another matter -- the entire block next to the school is a no parking zone. Instead, they line up in the middle of the road or wait across the street.

"I think there needs to be a crosswalk here because all the kids jaywalk and traffic is so bad, they're going back and forth and they're speeding, they don't pay attention to the school zone," said Shanequa Ware of Riverside.

Some parents say a crossing signal is needed to safely get students to and from school. Principal Trevor Painton says he is in preliminary discussions about the need for a crosswalk.

For now, he is trying to get the message to his students to not jaywalk.

"It's just like anything else with teenagers we preach to them about trying to make good choices and good decisions but at times teenagers push the envelope," he said.

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