Fallen Deputy Jeremiah MacKay's family gets home makeover


MacKay's wife and their children still live at their Redlands home. Lynette MacKay said when she found out The Home Depot was teaming up with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, she couldn't believe it.

'It's amazing. It's like a whole new house, it's really cool," said Lynette MacKay. "It helps out a lot to know that people who don't even know me or my family are supporting us, and helping us get through this."

By the time they're finished, there will be new grass, new flooring, new appliances and new shelving.

Jeremiah's father, Alan MacKay, said it's been a struggle the last few months, but this is an incredible show of support for all public servants.

"The support kind of keeps us going," he said. "You know, these guys out here, the sheriffs, and the firefighters, and the EMTs, they lay their lives on the line for us daily. So it's just the way of the public giving back a little bit."

About 75 people were there to help out Wednesday, but so many people stepped forward to volunteer that they actually had to turn away more than 1,000 people.

"It's amazing, the outpour and the support we've gotten. Thank you is not enough," said Lynette MacKay.

She said her husband would be proud to see how the community has rallied around his family.

"He's smiling, he's smiling up in heaven," she said. "He's happy his family is taken care of and his kids now have a place to play. He is happy."

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