Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson had fun shooting 'The Internship'


In "The Internship," Vaughn and Wilson play middle-aged men who must face the cold, hard world of unemployment, only to realize they haven't quite been updating their skills to keep up with the times.

The motivated men receive internships at Google, and over the course of the film, they end up teaching, as well as learning.

"It does make you kind of feel good and feel like it doesn't matter about the kind of different generations, it's that we all sort of want the same thing and that's to feel a part of something and to feel like you're contributing and that you have some skills that are worthwhile," said Wilson.

Vaugh says he and Wilson try to stay optimistic and enjoy everything.

"It's nice to have that spirit in the movie," said Vaughn. "Sometimes, things just don't bounce your way. It's one thing to look with regret, and say 'I should have' or 'This didn't go well.' But I think there's something winning about someone who says, 'I'm not going to let that affect how I feel and I'm going to try one more time to try to get the things that I want.'"

Wilson said Vaughn had a lot of fun on the movie set.

"I'd show up and this guy's playing volleyball with some of the Google people. So yea, he was really happy. He felt really comfortable," said Wilson.

Vaughn laughed and said it was "like an all-inclusive resort."

"The Internship" was shot, in part, at Google. It's rated PG-13. Look for it in theaters on Friday.

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