Hawthorne dog shooting: Police threatened by hacking group Anonymous


The 2-year-old Rottweiler named Max was shot and killed by the police officer last Sunday. It happened while his owner, Leon Rosby, was being taken into custody, accused of obstructing a robbery investigation. The dog jumped out of a car and approached the officers.

"He was not aggressive. He did not bite anybody. He did not charge anybody. He was actually under control," said Rosby.

The video of the shooting has gone viral online with nearly four million views on YouTube. Now, a video allegedly posted by the group Anonymous threatens retaliation.

Their message: "Police of Hawthorne, you must know that you are our primary target. This matter will not remain unresolved."

The killing of Max has sparked outrage. The Hawthorne Police Department has been swamped with phone calls and emails calling for the officer who killed the dog to be fired. There have also been death threats.

Demonstrators are planning to protest at the police department on Saturday.

"I do not want, and I do not promote anything, any violence or anything against any officer or anybody," said Rosby.

Rosby said he supports the idea of peaceful protests. Right now, he's still grieving the loss of his dog.

"It is amazing how much I miss him right now. It's amazing how much it hurt," said Rosby.

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