Jackson future earnings questioned in wrongful-death trial


Was Michael Jackson on course to make more than $1 billion in an expanded global tour, or was it more likely he would call it quits when his comeback show was done?

Tuesday jurors heard reference to someone else's opinion: a doctor for the plaintiffs who said that had Jackson survived his propofol overdose, he would still have died within a week due to the treatment by his doctor, Conrad Murray.

The statement emerged as jurors in Katherine Jackson's lawsuit against AEG are viewing a battle of the experts.

Jackson attorney Brian Panish took aim to discredit AEG expert Eric Briggs. Briggs assesses risks for entertainment projects.

Panish zeroed in on the cause of Jackson's death: Conrad Murray. The Jackson family alleges that AEG hired the doctor and that AEG is liable.

About the opinion that Jackson would live only a week, Panish asked Briggs: "Dr. Murray was a big risk to his health wasn't he, sir? If you took a fit and competent doctor, couldn't you have removed that risk?"

Briggs: "It would be hard to say how many other risks would still persist."

Panish questioned Briggs' qualifications. "In fact you have never come to court and given an opinion in a wrongful death case?" Panish asked.

"I have never done that," said Briggs.

In defense of AEG, Briggs attacked the numbers presented by the Jackson expert, accountant Arthur Erk.

Erk projected that Jackson would make $1.65 billion for 260 shows, assuming the star would agree to extend his tour and that the shows would be sell-outs.

Briggs called the projections speculative.

Cross-examination continues Wednesday.

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