Top fitness trends to inspire you at IDEA World Fitness Convention


The Top Guns and Top Chicks were a big hit at IDEA World Fitness Convention, the longest running international fitness convention. More than 5,000 people came to the L.A. Convention Center from 57 countries to find the next big thing in fitness.

"I come here every year because I learn new things," said celebrity trainer Valerie Waters. "I get a twist on old stuff."

Yes, old stuff like the Parkours, originally used in parks, now for club use. Or personal ballet bars with ongoing "Barre fever." And circuit training continues to crush it.

"The high-intensity interval training still exists. It's still huge, but we now are changing it up," said fitness professional Amy Dixon. "We're coming up with new methodology, different science."

Different science using different toys.

"I mean we had Bender Ball, Glide Disc, BOSU, stability ball, I mean everything was being used and we were moving the entire time," said Victoria Gray, a personal trainer and rehabilitation specialist.

Dance has stepped up in popularity. Reebok and Zumba even held a "dance-off" on the expo floor.

Standup paddle-boarding is the fastest growing water sport. So no surprise, there's a class for that.

"It's another way to train and something new that people haven't done and experienced," said pro surfer and PaddleFitness creator Laird Hamilton. Hamilton says they wanted group exercise to launch concept classes.

"We have some that are for cardio, we have some that are strength-based," said Hamilton.

"The boards are designed so you can start at a very low level of fitness and then progress as you get stronger and more fit," said Jeremy Strom, Ocean Yoga and PaddleFitness.

Kids are also getting into the action with the JAM -- the Just-A-Minute School Program -- a free workout proving it's easy to move in our time-strapped life.

Finally, expect to see a host of tools and techniques to relieve pain from repetitive injury, as Baby-Boomers and overzealous exercisers aren't going down without a fight.

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