Frozen pizzas compared by Consumer Reports


"We left our labs for a little off-site taste test, and we are happy to report you can get takeout taste in your own home," said Erin Riddell of Consumer Reports.

Home Run Inn Classic was top rated for both cheese and pepperoni pizzas. In fact, tasters said it was higher quality than both Domino's and Pizza Hut. They were loaded with fresh-tasting sauce and lots of stretchy cheese. But these are a fat and calorie splurge compared to others in the freezer case.

Red Baron Singles Deep Dish are Consumer Reports' "best buys" and fared a bit better for nutrition. The pastry-like crust had noticeably crispy edges, with slightly spicy sauce and stretchy cheese.

Many of the individual pizzas tested are also microwaveable and have packaging specially designed to crisp the crust.

But testers found it's not the best way to go.

"We found that some of the ones you can microwave, you're probably better off if you cook them in the oven," Riddell said.

So, keep a few frozen pizzas on hand for a convenient, tasty choice when hunger hits.

Health experts say you are getting calcium from the cheese and lycopene from the tomato sauce, so it could be a pretty good health food -- just watch those toppings.

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