Rescued blind puppy in Texas regains sight


Four-month-old Danny was rescued, along with 29 other dogs, from a farm near Waco. His foster family says he used to move around slowly, bump into walls, and keep his head down.

Danny was nearly blind from cataracts, but after undergoing free surgery to save his sight, he's now seeing things clearly, and he has the playful energy a puppy should have.

"He's actually in almost a run which we've never seen him do before," said Danny's foster mom Whitney Lowther-Franco.

Just minutes after the sight-saving procedure, Danny was already alert and ready to play.

"It's great every time, that's why it's my favorite. It's the same feeling when you can just see them tracking you, even from the kennel. You just know they're seeing you for the first time," said Dr. Lynsey Wagner at Eye Care for Animals in North Austin, who performed the surgery.

It will take Danny six to eight weeks to heal. After that, he will go up for adoption.

So many people donated money for his medical care, there's plenty left over to help other dogs.

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