Volunteer artists beautify Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica


Javier Casildo, owner of Bill Dunn Upholstery on Lincoln Boulevard, wanted grapes painted on his building and he's thrilled with the results.

"It makes Lincoln Boulevard a lot nicer, a lot brighter, a lot more friendly for people to come," said Casildo.

Next door, Newton Barnes, the owner of a bike shop, loves the birds that decorate the face of his business.

"I think it's been great. It has drawn a lot of attention," said Barnes. "When they put the murals up, people can see from all different parts of the street."

Some business owners along Lincoln Boulevard say they have seen more customers visit the area since the new murals were added. Barnes says he has seen a 10 or 15 percent increase.

Around a dozen artists are participating in the Beautify Lincoln campaign, which started about 10 months ago. So far, the artists have painted murals on 20 storefronts.

Artist Evan Meyer started the Beautify Lincoln campaign. Each artist is a volunteer. They do their work with the help of donations from the community.

"I'd like to take the lessons learned and bring it around the city and around the country, maybe around the world. It could be a 'beautify world' project," said Meyer.

The people we talked to seemed to like it.

"I think this certainly does make it a little bit more of an artistic town. If anything, it sort of blends in with the Venice artistic vibe and I hope they continue pushing it northward," said Andrew Laurich of Santa Monica.

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