Weapons seized in South Los Angeles from 7 people on prohibited list


LAPD Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese held a news conference Friday to discuss the seizure of the illegal arsenal, which included shotguns, assault rifles and military grade weapons.

All of these weapons and 2,500 pounds of ammunition were confiscated from seven different people in South Los Angeles. Those people were prohibited from possessing or owning a firearm.

"We have gang members who are prohibited persons. We have those who have committed very serious crimes," said Albanese.

In Los Angeles, there are approximately 2,300 people on a prohibited persons list, which does not allow them to own or posses firearms or ammunition.

The LAPD's gun unit learned that 12 people on that list recently purchased ammunition. So early Thursday, officers raided several homes and arrested seven people.

City Attorney Mike Feuer says the prohibited persons list is also meant to keep guns away from those with severe mental illness.

"The effort that is being engaged in today, in this case, happened to yield weapons from felons. But it could easily have yield information that shows that someone with serious mental illness has just purchased ammunition, and we find out that person has a gun," said Feuer.

The LAPD says it will continue to cross-reference ammunition records in hopes of keeping guns away from people who are not allowed by law to have them.

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