Santa Monica plane crash: All 4 victims identified


Authorities confirmed that 53-year-old Kyla Dupont of San Diego and 28-year-old Lauren Winkler of Irvine died in the crash, along with 63-year-old Mark Benjamin, CEO and president of Morley Builders, and his son 28-year-old Luke Benjamin, a senior project engineer at the company.

Winkler worked for an organization called Save a Child's Heart, which provides free open-heart surgery in Israeli hospitals to children from Africa and the Middle East.

Before the victims were officially identified, Morley Builders said in a statement Tuesday that it is "heartbroken at the loss of Mark Benjamin and his son Lucas in a tragic accident."

"We are proud to be associated with the Company that Mark's family founded. He had a profound influence on each of our employees, the Southern California landscape, our local community, and the construction industry. We are committed to building on his legacy," the company said.

The private jet veered off the runway on Sunday, smashing into a hangar and causing a fiery crash.

The crash has raised more concerns about having an airport in the middle of a crowded residential area. When the airport was built in the 1920s, it was surrounded by farm land. The residential neighborhoods surrounding the airport sprouted up decades later.

A 30-year land and building agreement between the city of Santa Monica and the Federal Aviation Administration will expire in 2015.

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