Chris Hemsworth talks 'Thor: The Dark World'


In this one, Thor must battle in the name of universal peace. If he fails, it will be catastrophic.

It sounds heavy but the film does have plenty of lighter, more comedic moments including a slap by Natalie Portman.

The slaps were real and there were plenty.

"It got kind of hysterical by the end of it," said Hemsworth. "It was something where - it was that classic thing of you're in school and when you're not meant to laugh, that's when you want to laugh. And the more I laughed meant I was going to be slapped again because we'd just ruin the take. And that led into a number of, you know, a number of big hits."

Chris had to have big muscles for this role and it wasn't easy.

"Holding that kind of weight for me is an unnatural weight to be at so my body does want to shed it, you know, so I've got to eat a lot and train a lot," said Hemsworth. "If the schedule would get so intense that I couldn't do that, then some of the weight would drop away and we'd have to make adjustments with the suit."

Hemsworth's shirtless scene was almost cut out of the movie because Director Alan Taylor thought it didn't advance the plot. That was until women in the back of the editing room protested.

"Thor: The Dark World" arrives in theaters in 3-D on Nov. 8.

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