Hailee Steinfeld travels from Shakespeare to 'Ender's Game'


Harrison Ford returns to the familiar territory of space for this new adventure. Asa Butterfield stars in the title role of "Ender," a teen prodigy being prepared for a futuristic space battle. "Ender's Game" also features another familiar face - Steinfeld.

The 16-year-old actress knows the novel-turned-film has lots of fans anticipating its release.

"Having read the story, I think I became as big a fan as they are, so I wanted nothing but to do the story justice," said Steinfeld.

The futuristic thriller is based on a young-adult novel from the mid-1980s and has been a favorite of millions of readers for almost 30 years.

Hailee Steinfeld plays "Petra," a tough teen who is drafted for "battle school" because she happens to be an expert shooter.

In 2011, Steinfeld received an Oscar nomination after she also wielded a gun in her first big-screen role in the Western "True Grit."

Steinfeld, now almost 17 years old, followed that with a trip back to the Shakespearean era with "Romeo and Juliet."

"It's been so funny how things have kind of played out, going from that to this," said Steinfeld. "I find that going from two period pieces to a sci-fi film, filming the majority of the film in front of a green screen, was defintely a challenge.

"And it's difficult not having props or things to look at, which was, again, a challenge, but really interesting, and for me, it allowed me to use my imagination in a way I never had before," she said.

It may seem like Steinfeld has been working non-stop, but the Thousand Oaks resident assured us she still has plenty of time to be a normal Southern California teen.

"I'm still in school, I see all my friends that I went to school with -- I'm home-schooled now. It's funny because I feel like when I'm talking about all of it it sounds like I've done so much, which I have, but in between I've had great amount of time at home and with my friends and family that I'm very thankful for," said Steinfeld.

"Ender's Game" also stars Viola Davis and Ben Kingsley.

It's rated "PG-13" and is in theaters Friday.

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