LAX shooting: Agencies reviewing actions


Hernandez died after he was shot in Terminal 3 on Nov. 1.

Paramedics waited 33 minutes to treat Hernandez because police hadn't declared the terminal safe to enter.

Los Angeles World Airports, the FBI, L.A. Fire Department, LAPD and TSA issued a joint statement Saturday asking for patience in the investigation. The statement reads in part:

"Various statements have been made regarding the incident, some of which are untrue and others that merit serious consideration by our respective agencies. Numerous actions are underway relative to this incident and the ensuing response. These include the federal criminal investigation, officer-involved-shooting investigation, and an After Action Workgroup that is rigorously analyzing all aspects of the multidiscipline response.

"The principal agencies involved in responding to the incident will await the findings of the After Action Workgroup, which will provide the best perspective from which to draw conclusions, make recommendations, or take other corrective action.

"Once the After Action Workgroup has completed its report, its key findings will be released to the extent."

Suspected gunman, /*Paul Ciancia*/, was shot by airport police and taken into custody five minutes after the attack started.

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