Couple who met at ABC7 celebrates 55th anniversary


On Thanksgiving Day 55 years ago, Glady and Jack Kabateck got married. Today, they're still going strong.

"I think I probably have the most wonderful, thoughtful husband," said Glady.

Her husband feels the same way about her.

"Likewise, I have the most thoughtful lady," said Jack.

The two say they would have never met without KABC-TV.

"It was Cupid to us, bringing us together," said Jack.

They first met when they were both applying for jobs at KABC-TV. They were seated across from each other and the human resources manager came out to speak with them.

"She stepped out and she said, 'If you two don't stop all that laughing and talking and carrying on...I'm going to fire you both before I hire you,'" recalled Jack.

But they were both hired for entry-level positions and helped pioneer TV in Los Angeles.

"I had the happiest days that I can think of there," said Glady.

Glady eventually left to take care of her two boys. Both are now married to their own wives and have given grandkids to Jack and Glady.

"We have just been really blessed with a wonderful family," said Glady.

The couple says the secret to longevity is communication. Jack says it's "a lot of give and take." And every day, they say "I love you."

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