Victim files sex abuse charges against IE school districts after YouTube video


It started with a YouTube video posted Friday where a woman named Jamie confronts her alleged abuser, an Alhambra High School administrator and former Riverside teacher who she identified as Andrea Cardosa.

"She gets away with everything she has done, so I decided I'm going to call her to get some answers from her," Jamie says in the video titled "A call to my childhood rapist teacher."

Jamie said Cardosa had sexually abused her for years beginning at the age of 12 at Chemawa Middle School in Riverside.

"Do you realize that you brainwashed me and you manipulated me and that what you did was wrong?" Jamie asks. "Yes, and I regret it," Cardosa replies.

That video prompted a second woman to come forward alleging that she was also abused by Cardosa, when the suspect worked as a vice principal in Perris.

"When my client saw Jamie on TV, it just triggered flashbacks as to her own abuse," said attorney Luis Carrillo.

He says his client, identified only as Brianna, was abused in much the same way that Jamie alleged in her now-viral YouTube video.

"She befriended her, she pretended to be a mentor, a guide, a guardian, and then she was really coming on to her and tried to seduce her. In her mother's words, she was trying to seduce her daughter," said Carrillo.

The Riverside School District has since confirmed Cardosa was a temporary status teacher at Chemawa Middle School in Riverside.

She resigned in 1999, but the school district says they can't say why. That's around the same time Jamie says she was molested.

On Wednesday, Carrillo filed two lawsuits; one was filed against Val Verde Unified School District, which is where he says his client was abused, and another lawsuit was filed against Riverside Unified School District.

"Both school districts were negligent and fell asleep, they weren't protecting the kids," said Carrillo.

Cardosa resigned from her job as an administrator at Alhambra High School shortly after the YouTube video was posted last Friday.

The abuse alleged by Jamie took place 15 years ago, and the statute of limitations has already expired. Carrillo says the alleged abuse that took place in Perris happened four years ago.

Carrillo will hold a news conference regarding the lawsuit Thursday at 11 a.m.

Cardosa has yet to be charged with any crime.

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