Revenge-porn operator arrested in Oklahoma for California extortions


The alleged owner and operator of a revenge-porn website was arrested at his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma Thursday night by the California Attorney General's eCrime Unit.

A.G. Harris says 28-year-old Casey Meyering was running a revenge porn site.

"A community where you can trade, upload, request adult pictures and videos of your ex-girlfriend, your current girlfriend, or any other girl that you might know," said Harris.

The site is called and has forums from all 50 states. In the California forum, Harris says there were more than 400 postings.

Meyering is charged with five felony counts of extortion. The alleged victims are from California.

"The victim would have to go to pay $250 to his Google Wallet account to have the photographs taken down, so these counts are about extortion," said Harris.

In recent weeks, state and federal authorities have arrested alleged operators of these revenge-porn sites and charged them with extortion.

"The statement needs to be made to anybody else out there who's posting these photographs and trying to charge people money to ease their embarassment: It's a crime," said Harris. "It's a felony. And you can go to prison for that. So you'd better think twice."

Meyering is currently being held without bail in Oklahoma awaiting extradition to California. If convicted on all five felony counts, he faces up to six years in state prison.

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