Military moms to honor fallen sons in OC walk


Debi Daniels from Chicago and her friend Marlene Shaw of Temecula are participating. Debi flew in from Chicago to surprise Marlene.

"I am so happy that she's here, I am, I am so happy that she's here," said Marlene in tears.

The military moms first became friends when their sons were deployed to Afghanistan in the fall of 2011.

Just eight weeks into their deployment, Debi's son, Nick, was killed by an improvised explosive device. About 14 months later, Marlene's son, Chris Singer, was killed in Afghanistan.

"I think they actually brought us together," said Debi. "They knew we would need each other."

"We've been through a lot together, good and bad," said Marlene.

Marlene and Debi are lacing up their walking shoes for their second 5K Race on the Base in Los Alamitos.

Part of the proceeds from Saturday's race will benefit "Honoring Our Fallen," an organization that unites and supports women who have lost their sons or husbands in service to our country.

"I know our boys are looking down on us and they're proud of us for keep going and being there for the boys and for each other," said Marlene.

As mothers of fallen soldiers, they share a bond that has helped widen their circle of support; a friendship that will go the distance.

"We're going to walk together side by side, honoring both of our sons," said Marlene.

Saturday is the 33rd annual Race on the Base. It includes a 10K run, a 5K run and walk.

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