Murder suspect in Kansas worried tattoo might hurt case


Jeffrey Chapman is asking for a professional tattoo artist to remove or cover up his tattoo, which features mirror-image letters spelling out the word "murder across his neck, before he goes to trial.

His attorney said in a motion that the tattoo would be extremely prejudicial if seen by a jury.

"Whenever you try a jury trial, the appearance of the defendant makes a lot of difference," said defense attorney Charlie O'Hara.

Prosecutors aren't opposed to the motion, but but Barton County's sheriff says he's against transporting Chapman to a licensed tattoo facility - the only places tattoo artists are allowed to practice under Kansas law.

The trial is scheduled to begin next week. Chapman is accused in the November 2011killing of a Damon Galliart, whose body was found by hunters in a ditch southwest of Great Bend.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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