'Worst grandpa' explains in court why he left 5-year-old in desert

PHOENIX (KABC) -- A 62-year-old Arizona man -- who some are calling "the world's worst grandpa" after leaving a 5-year-old in the desert -- gave his explanation in court.

Paul Rater took his granddaughter for a ride in the desert Sunday. But when his truck broke down, authorities say he left the girl alone with a loaded gun to "shoot the bad guys."

He was found 10 miles away at a bar drinking beer and eating a burger.

According to KNXV-TV, Rater told the judge on Tuesday that he placed his granddaughter under a tree because she was tired, and he wanted to go get help since he forgot his phone.

"She's crying, pissing and moaning because she got tired and wanted to take a nap," he said.

Rater says he called his wife as soon as he got to the bar.

A firefighter found his granddaughter safe and returned her to her mother. Sheriff's deputies say he had not asked anyone for help or mentioned his granddaughter that he left in the desert.

Rater is facing child abuse and endangerment charges.
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