Hurricane Katrina play 'Because They Have No Words' to hold stage reading at Burbank studio

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Friday, August 28, 2015
Cast of Hurricane Katrina play to hold stage reading for charity
Tim Maddock, co-writer of 'Because They Have No Words,' assembled the cast of the original production to perform a staged reading Sunday at Six01 Studio in Burbank to benefit charities.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- When Tim Maddock returned from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he had stories about his work as a volunteer with the Humane Society.

He turned his experience into a play, co-writing "Because They Have No Words."

"For me, it was a life-changing event and I think, obviously, for so many people in New Orleans. I think it's great to take stock of it 10 years later to make sure people remember and make sure that we don't let it happen again," he said.

Now, for the 10th anniversary of the disaster, Tim has helped assemble most of the cast from the original production to perform a staged reading Sunday at the Six01 Studio in Burbank. It is his way to continue giving back to something so significant.

"Anything that we generate out of ticket sales is going to benefit three different organizations, two that benefit animals and one is, which works toward equality toward races," Maddock said.

During his work with the Humane Society, Maddock helped save a number of animals. In one instance, he pulled two cats and a bird from a vacated apartment.

"Several days later, I met a woman who knew the people who lived there (and she) put me in touch with them," he said. "They live in San Diego and when I came back from New Orleans, I was able to drive those three pets and hand them over to them in San Diego."

The reading is on Sunday, starting at 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. To reserve a spot at the studio, located at 630 S. Flower St., head to