What is bioluminescence? Expert explains phenomenon seen on SoCal beach

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Sunday, April 26, 2020
What is bioluminescence? Expert explains the phenomenon
What is bioluminescence? Expert explains the phenomenon, which was captured on video last week at Newport Beach in Orange County.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- An expert explains what bioluminescence is after a group of glowing dolphins was captured on video lighting up the waters of Newport Beach last week.

Patrick Coyne captured the footage of the pod of dolphins in the bioluminescent waves and the video was also uploaded by Newport Coastal Adventure to its Facebook page. The company said its captain took Coyne out to look for dolphins Wednesday and encountered the rare sighting with the glowing dolphins just after sunset.

The local photographer also captured the rare phenomenon lighting up the ocean in Newport Beach earlier this month.

Watch the video above to learn more about bioluminescence and why the phenomenon occurs.