Trendy bone broth now in all kinds of foods like coffee, even waffles

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Trendy bone broth now in all kinds of foods like coffee, even waffles
Centuries-old bone broth is making a comeback, with food manufacturers putting it in foods like coffee, soups, smoothies and even waffles to help consumers get more collagen and protein in their day.

Meredith Cochran is an expert on all things bone broth. She owns the OSSO GOOD bone broth company and even wrote a book about it.

Cochran recently created a bone broth cafe along with her online business. She's a big fan of this broth and cites its ample benefits.

"You're able to heal your gut, you're able to boost immunity, digestion improves and everybody loves the fact that it's also good for your hair skin and nails," Cochran said.

Studies suggest added collagen may help to reduce stress on joints and improve pain and stiffness. There's also evidence that shows bone broth may help reduce leaky gut and gastro intestinal inflammation due to the amino acids the broth contains.

Cooking bones on low heat for several hours offers good nutrients when taken from well sourced proteins.

Besides soup, she offers "broffee," which is coffee with bone broth. And get ready, there are gluten free or Paleo style bone broth waffles! There are are beyond filling.

"I created a waffle. It's made using bone broth in place of water, and it's a game-changer for waffles, because now it gives substance to the waffle," Cochran said.

The Paleo waffle contains almond cassava flour, while the gluten-free version contains brown rice flour.

All the bone broth and soups at the cafe do have bone broth in them, but because of plant-based goodness, Cochran is working on a vegan collagen bone broth soup.


"We're working on a mushroom broth as we speak," said Cochran.

Vegans can find a collagen source derived from algae, which is already available.

Another brand offering up a broth option is called Boneafide Provisions bone broth. They are sold in single-serve Keto cups that contain butter or MCT oil with bone broth and spices. The cups deliver a blend of protein and fat, for those who follow a more Keto-friendly diet.