Tea brand contains powerful antioxidants from broccoli, studies show

Thursday, January 11, 2018
Tea brand contains powerful antioxidants from broccoli, studies show
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Glucoraphanin, a powerful plant chemical found in broccoli, is now available in tea, coffee and supplements.

These bright green trees aren't admired by all palates, which is too bad as broccoli is packed with fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, to name a few.

Broccoli's cruciferous properties are also helpful in preventing certain types of cancer.

Another plus: a plant chemical called glucoraphanin -- found in kale, Brussel sprouts and broccoli -- is a precursor to the greater-known chemical sulforaphane.

"Glucoraphanin, which is the long-lasting antioxidant that's found in the curly part of the broccoli, the florets, has actually been studied for decades now at Johns Hopkins University," said dietitian Ashley Koff.

Koff says those studies, over 1,700 of them, led to the development of tea known as TrueBroc.

"The amount that is in there is actually the amount that is an effective amount to support your detoxification system for the day," said Koff.

Broccoli plants vary in the amount of glucoraphanin they contain, but the tea delivers 15 milligrams per serving that is obtained from broccoli seeds and sprouts.

Glucoraphanin converts to sulforaphane, which helps enzymes eliminate toxins and environmental pollutants.

The company has created black and green brassica tea, even brassica coffee, and also a supplement.

There is no broccoli taste, but those who are leary could easily use the beverages in soup, smoothies, or salad dressing to get the benefits.

A box of the tea is $6.99, and 12 single-serving coffee K-Cups are $10.69.