Can sniffing sesame oil help protect your respiratory system? Ancient medicine expert weighs in

Ayurveda is widely regarded as the oldest known medicine in the world. Some of its ideas on health are not surprising. But you won't believe what one practitioner says you should do with sesame oil to provide added defense for your respiratory system.
Health experts are suggesting all kinds of things to help us boost immunity to fight COVID-19: Sleep, meditation, journaling, movement, even prayer are a few ideas.

Internist Dr. Charles Elder wants to help his patients to stay healthy and take care of themselves, but he finds conventional Western medicine isn't always the answer. He uses Ayurveda, the traditional medical practice in India, to help.

"It's widely regarded as the oldest system of natural medicine in the world," Elder said.

COVID-19: Experts say these supplements, foods may help immune system thrive
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The best way to stay healthy is to wash your hands, and keep surfaces clean. But experts also say boosting your immune system is crucial, too. That's where certain supplements can give you a boost.

Elder, who wrote 'Picture of Health,' has also become an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Some of the ideas are not surprising such a going to bed and getting up early, adding stress reduction techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, journaling, even prayer. In addition, exercise in the morning, pick a movement you find enjoyable.

But there are a few concepts that many of us in the Western world are not familiar with. Like why and when to eat your biggest meal.

Also, you won't believe what he does with sesame oil, which he says contains anti-microbial properties and can provide an extra layer of defense for your upper respiratory system.

His ideas to help us reduce stress and inflammation are in the story above.

Here's the foods you should eat to give your immunity a boost
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STAYING HEALTHY: Experts say these supplements may help your immune system thrive amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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