Meghan Markle sets off frenzy for jeans from tiny Welsh company Hiut Denim

CARDIGAN, Wales -- The world is waiting to see her wedding dress at the upcoming royal wedding. But this week, the fashion world is buzzing about Meghan Markle's choice of blue jeans, and a small denim company is seeing a huge boost.

A tiny Welsh denim company has been swamped by orders from around the globe after the soon-to-be princess was captured wearing their jeans at a public event.

Hiut Denim makes just 150 pairs of jeans a week, all produced by hand, and only employs about 20 people.

After Markle was spotted in the denim, orders poured in and now there's a three-month waiting list for the jeans.

The Markle Sparkle is said to be transforming the town of Cardigan, too. It was once home to a mass-production jean factory that closed 10 years ago. With the new surge in demand, the company is hoping to hire on about 400 new employees.
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